EPS/AB Undersun acres, Leamington

Connecting 4 CHP’s, welding gas line & insulation

EPS/AB Elliot, Leamington

Connecting 3 CHP’s, welding gas line & insulation

EPS/AB Cedarline, Chatham

Connecting 2 CHP’s, welding gas line & insulation

Twin Creeks, Watford Ontario Phase 3 & 4

Surface greenhouse phase 3 & 4:                          84.456 m²

Transport lines, tuberail heating, growtube heating, wall heating, corridor heating, paintwork, CO₂-installation / CO₂- line, Insulation


Cottam, Ontario


The design of the heating installation is based on the greenhouse surface area of 99.225 m².

We deliver and install 2 traditional 3 pass boiler, make: HKB LNE7.0 with Vitotherm VGOIs-700 burners and a 3000 m³ hot water storage tank including nitrogen expansion system.

The boiler room is prepared with a manifold and spare connections. The new greenhouse project consists of a total of 9 climate zones with a central walk way. In the greenhouse each climate zone is provided with a tube rail heating, a gutter heating and gable heating system behind the outside gables.

The boiler room installation will be delivered and installed, the greenhouse heating will be delivered.


Also the greenhouse is provided with a CO₂ dosing installation connected to the flue gas condensers of the gas fired boilers in the boiler room.