Gatineau, Québec

The design of the heating installation is based on the greenhouse surface area of 19.656 m². The greenhouse expansion consists of 8 climate zones with a central corridor. Each climate zone is provided with a upper, floor and hoist heating. The greenhouse consists of 2 climate zone for the snow heating.

We deliver and install 2 traditional 3 pass boiler, make: Crone including a nitrogen expansion system.

We will build a 4,5 MW manifold suitable for the complete project. On this manifold we’ll build 1 transportation line pump, 2 snow pipe heating groups, 1 packing hall group and 1 spare connection.

The new greenhouse project consists of a total of 8 climate zones with a central walk way

In the greenhouse each climate zone is provided with a snow heating, upper heating, hoist heating, floor heating and gable heating system. Also the greenhouse is provided with a CO₂ dosing installation connected to the flue gas condenser of the gas fired boiler in the boiler room.

Cooling installation

We will deliver and install 2 chillers outside the technical room. In the technical room a manifold will be delivered and placed for 8 zones. In the greenhouse 36 cool units will be installed.

The heating and cooling installation will be insulated.

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Januari 2018