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Correct temperature control is essential for our customers. That may involve cooling and/or heating, and may or may not be combined with other forms of air-conditioning

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Cost-saving, comfort and - more sector specific - increased cultivation results are the most important reasons for insulation.

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Commercial buildings

As an all-round installation firm we can use our specialties very well for designing and installing utilities.

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Service & Maintenance

JV Energy Solutions - your reliable partner for service and maintenance.


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JV Energy Solutions Inc. is located in the Town of Kingsville in Southern Ontario, Canada and is owned and operated by Jan Voshol.  With over 20 years of greenhouse heating experience, JV Energy Solutions Inc. aims to promote sustainable energy in the greenhouse cultivation sector in North America.

We embrace innovation and have regularly proven that practical solutions can go perfectly hand in hand with cost-savings, sustainability and reliability. That almost always involves customised solutions and a convergence of our various disciplines: Heating (also cooling and dehumidifying), Electrical Engineering (also supplemental lighting systems) and Insulation.

To achieve result-focussed solutions we don’t just immerse ourselves in our own domain, we also place a great deal of value on understanding our customer.  It is after all the customer and their process we are focusing on. Our solutions are part of a larger entity and therefore have to fit seamlessly and reliably within that. This is a challenge that we face with all projects, both large and small, from the initial design phase up to and including installation and maintenance. We like to fulfill the role of an involved partner that ensures you no longer have any climate concerns, and does so in a sustainable way - a benefit to you and the entire environment from day one.

JV Energy is always improving their products and procedures. We have experienced employees and subcontractors that do the actual building with sufficient capacity of people and materials.  This allows us to complete large projects at a quick pace without cutting corners as far as quality and finishing of the greenhouse are concerned.  And all of this for a competitive price.

So whether it is a 1,500-m2 greenhouse or a 20-hectare project, JV Energy Solutions can rapidly install a solid, tailor-made greenhouse heating system while taking care that it is completed down to the very last detail.

recent work jv energy solutions

Projects 2020


  • Ontario Plant Propagation Phase 3, St. Thomas, Ontario
  • Twin Creeks Phase 3 & 4, Watford Ontario
  • Twin Creeks, Watford Ontario Packing Hall
  • Foliera, Beamsville Ontario, Renovation
  • Red Sun, Kingsville Ontario
  • Pure Flavor, Kingsville Ontario
  • JEM Farms, Kingsville Ontario tomatoes
  • EPS/AB Elliot, Leamington, Ontario
  • EPS/AB Undersun acres, Leamington
  • EPS/AB Cedarline, Chatham
  • Cosmic Plants cooling, Beamsville Ontario



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