The design of the heating installation is based on the greenhouse surface area of 21.000 m². 
Boiler installatie consists of 2 Crone boilers provided with  flue gas condensers  and Vitotherm gas burners. Heating systems in greenhouse consist of a tube rail heating (10 heating tubes Ø 51 x 2,40 mm per 8 meter trellis), a grow tube heating (5 tubes ø38 x 2,00 mm per 8,00 mtr) and a wall heating.

For the dosing of the CO₂ we installed a CO2-ventilator, of the make Van Dijk, with an electrical motor of 15 kW. Insulation  includes the new Crone boilers, piping and mixing groups in the boiler room  as well as the mixing groups in the greenhouse.