The design of this heating installation is based on the greenhouse surface area of 8.672 m² .

This greenhouse project consists of a total of 4 climate zones. In the greenhouse each climate zone is provided with a table heating and upper heating system with gable heating system behind the outside gables. The monorail pipe and tube rail heating system is divided in 4 separate controlled sections

system.  Furthermore the boiler installation will consist of 1 boiler make: Crone, type: CLM 115, with a capacity of 3600 kW with a Vitotherm burner and gasline, as well as a partial flow filter. The piping in the boiler room and all mixing groups will be insulated.

Start: August 2015

Brushco Farms

Brush CO


The renovation of the existing transport lines, transport groups and mixing groups including insulation and electrical work.

Start: August/September 2015