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Correct temperature control is essential for our customers. That may involve cooling and/or heating, and may or may not be combined with other forms of air-conditioning

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Cost-saving, comfort and - more sector specific - increased cultivation results are the most important reasons for insulation.

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Commercial buildings

As an all-round installation firm we can use our specialties very well for designing and installing utilities.

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Service & Maintenance

JV Energy Solutions - your reliable partner for service and maintenance.

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Commercial & industrial construction and innovation are almost synonymous with each other. Many sectors, not least greenhouse horticulture, are demanding sustainable and effective solutions. Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek wants to contribute substantially towards achieving this. It’s all about using the right technology at the right place and having an effective configuration of systems, which are often designed with expansion in mind, literally and figuratively.
Our specialists will be pleased to survey your situation, list your requirements and expectations, prepare a plan and design, and ensure dedicated installation, commissioning and maintenance of the systems. If required this can include integration and optimisations of existing facilities.

Next Generation Cultivation

One of the ways to quickly and simply reduce the use of energy is “Next Generation Cultivation”. Next Generation Cultivation stands for an energy saving way of growing with a maximum result. This new approach puts the crop in the centre of attention and avoids unnecessary use of fossil fuels. A simple installation on the wall of the greenhouse ensures the dehumidifying of the air within the greenhouse, this results in more available screen hours. This reduces the loss of warmth and saves 30% or more on energy usage compared to standard methods. Besides that, it also increases the quality and yield thanks to an optimal greenhouse climate.

If you’re looking for highly efficient space heating for your  commercial or industrial building, we can help.
We supply and install robust, high quality heating products, giving you minimum waste combined with superb performance. Our space heating systems are ideal for offices, factories, warehouses and packhouses.

Our clients typically want to cut operating costs, recycle waste heat, heat challenging spaces and meet environmental targets – sometimes all-in one!

If you need precise thermal tolerances for a warehouse, public building or extreme conditions, we’ll design and build a system to suit. Whether floorheating, driven hot air systems or wall hanging radiators is needed, we can take care of the temperature in your building.

Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek has been building and installing electrical engineering systems for decades, particularly in the greenhouse horticulture sector. We have developed in line with the complexity of modern greenhouse horticulture and we offer custom low and high voltage systems, assimilation lighting and computer systems, including Priva climate computers. Provided it represents real added value, we also like to incorporate the latest developments and most modern facilities. We monitor these developments closely and only use those that have a genuine effect.

Voshol engineers build the switch panels in house. This means we can supply custom solutions in a fast, dedicated and flexible way. Our staff provide proper personal service and our service engineers are on standby to help you 24/7.

We are dealer in Priva Climate Systems, for more information about Priva: Click here.


insulation2Cost-saving, comfort and - more sector specific - increased cultivation results are the most important reasons for insulation. We want to live and work in a warm environment and stay cool in the summer. We also want to save energy and achieve high output by using adequate climate control. JV Energy Solutions uses various technologies and types of insulations which of course are matched to the relevant situation, the required results and the function of the space or application. We do not just insulate boiler houses, work or production rooms, offices and stores. We also protect tanks and mixing groups, as well as transport, cooling and external pipes against external influences. Together with our customers we seek the most optimum solution for specific requirements. Our specialists also provide specific solutions for acoustic insulation.

We insulate using a variety of materials, such as Rockwool, Armaflex and Isover Technipanel. Our experts also ensure a beautiful finish, for which we use, amongst other things, aluminium sheet, which is cut to size in our own workshop. For tanks and external pipes we use Plastisol Colorcoat solutions, which are available in every imaginable colour.

Correct temperature control is essential for our customers. That may involve cooling and/or heating, and may or may not be combined with other forms of air-conditioning. JV Energy Solutions has been a long-standing supplier of advanced greenhouse heating systems, CO2 systems, cogeneration systems, ground source heat pumps, refrigeration systems and boiler house systems. In addition to - consultancy, custom design and installation- our package of course also includes service and maintenance.

We are also leaders in systems for Next Generation Cultivation – creating a more balanced climate through controlled air circulation. The result: no more cold or moisture problems, more efficient use of energy and increased cultivation yield. The use of heat sources is much more efficient, which results in considerable savings. Even ripening is more even.

recent work jv energy solutions

Projects 2020


  • Ontario Plant Propagation Phase 3, St. Thomas, Ontario
  • Twin Creeks Phase 3 & 4, Watford Ontario
  • Twin Creeks, Watford Ontario Packing Hall
  • Foliera, Beamsville Ontario, Renovation
  • Red Sun, Kingsville Ontario
  • Pure Flavor, Kingsville Ontario
  • JEM Farms, Kingsville Ontario tomatoes
  • EPS/AB Elliot, Leamington, Ontario
  • EPS/AB Undersun acres, Leamington
  • EPS/AB Cedarline, Chatham
  • Cosmic Plants cooling, Beamsville Ontario



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