Grande Pointe, Ontario

Delivery of Lemnis Oreon Grow Light 2.2 LB (Low Blue) EV (extended voltage) fixtures 347V 60Hz including connection cord and mounting bracket for C-profile.

For the installation of the lighting fixtures the following components we have delivered:

  • Cable tray
  • C-profile
  • String cabling
  • Semi supply cables
  • Electric switch panels in greenhouse

For cooling the Lemnis Oreon lighting fixtures we deliver and install a cooling system with two main supply lines at the side gables and one return line in the middle of the greenhouse. Between the main supply and return lines we install a Ø 22 mm Alupex tube which will be placed in series with the lighting fixtures per C-profile.

We will install a heat exchanger and a dry cooler in the cooling circuit of the lighting fixtures

March 2019