The design of the heating installation is based on the greenhouse surface area of 68.161,5 m².

We deliver and install 1 traditional 3 pass boiler, make: Crone and a 2000 m³ hot water storage tank including nitrogen expansion system.

The existing boiler room is prepared with a manifold and spare connections for the new phase. The new greenhouse project consists of a total of 8 climate zones with a central walk way and a pack house. In the greenhouse each climate zone is provided with a tube rail with gable heating system behind the outside gables. The grow pipe and upper heating system is divided in 4 separate controlled sections system. The greenhouse heating installation consists of:

Tube rail heating (10 x Ø51x2,4 mm) Grow tube heating (10x Ø38x2,1 mm) and a upper heating (4 white powder coated tubes Ø35x1,2 mm per 9 meter trellis and gable heating.

Also the greenhouse is provided with a CO₂ dosing installation connected to the flue gas condensers of the gas fired boilers in the boiler room.