Cooling installation

The total design of the cooling installation is based on the greenhouse surface area of 5.152 and future phase of 5.376 m². The design is based on a cooling capacity of 185 w/m² with closed screens. 

Near the new cooling technical room we will place a Carrie double chiller on a concrete foundation.

In the technical room we’ll build a manifold Ø 508 mm. for the two departments. One connection for the current mixing group and one connection for the future connection.

In the technical room we delivered and placed an expansion vessel with a volume of 2.000 ltr. The expansion vessel is based off the volume from the storage tank with an average temperature of 30 °C.

In the greenhouse we placed 16 cool units for cooling the greenhouse temperature.

In the technical room the steel piping, pumps, valves will be insulated with 19 mm armaflex and cladded with 0,6 mm smooth aluminum plate.

The outside steel piping will be insulated with 19 mm armaflex and 50 mm. wol and cladded with smooth plate same color as the cladding of the tank.