The design of the heating installation is mostly based on the greenhouse surface area of four production phases each with a surface of 42.228 m².

The manifold and transport lines are prepared for four phases. The heat storage tank is prepared for two phases. The greenhouse project phase 1 consists a total of 4 climate zones with a central walk way and corridor. In the greenhouse, each climate zone is provided with a tube rail and gable heating system behind the outside gables. The grow pipe heating system is divided in 2 separate controlled sections. Phase 1 is also provided with a CO₂ dosing installation connected to the flue gas condenser of the gas fired boiler in the boiler room.

Heating installation Chicken Farm

The boiler room installation is designed for 3 boilers of 100 kW. In the farm we installed 5 air heaters. Installation includes a transport group with 2 stainless steel tubes for the supply and return.

Start:  week 32