The design of the heating installation is based on the greenhouse surface area of 7.872 m². The greenhouse expansion consists of 3 climate zones with a central walk way and at both sides a gable end wall path. One climate zone is provided with a floor heating, hoist heating and upper heating. The other two climate zones are provided with a table heating, hoist heating and upper heating.

We deliver and install 1 traditional 3 pass boiler, make: Crone, includeing a Zantinhg gasburner.

The heating installation consist of a high temperature transport line circuit from the existing manifold to the new greenhouse.

The greenhouse heating installation consists of:

  • Floor heating (26 PE hose ø25x2,7mm per 8 mtr. Trellis)
  • Table heating (6 tubes Ø 51,0 x 2,40 mm per 8 mtr. trellis)
  • Hoist heating (8 tubes Ø 38,0 x 2,00 mm per 8 mtr. trellis)
  • Upper heating (4 tubes Ø 63,5 x 2,25 mm per 8 meter trellis )
  • Gable heating.

Start: week 44