Central heating components

JV Energy Solutions keeps more than 1,000 central heating components in stock. Most items are specially imported from the Netherlands. Malfunctions can be solved by our service engineers, but in case you have your own maintenance team, you can also simply order the replacement parts.

Our product range is mainly focused on large heating systems used in the greenhouse horticultural sector. The core range includes several top brands, like SPX Johnson pumps, Honeywell and Centra mixing valves, AFA & Tyco butterfly valves.

Our vast delivery program includes welded pipes and tubes according to EN & ASTM standards, as well as PVC tubes and fittings.

We offer elbows, flanges and a variety of fittings such as caps, tees, reducers and tailor made components to complete our piping proposition.

Through joint purchasing with our Dutch mother holding company we can supply you competitive pricing. For more information, please contact our office.

JV Energy Solutions Inc. is located in the Town of Kingsville in Southern Ontario, Canada and is owned and operated by Jan Voshol.  With over 20 years of greenhouse heating experience, JV Energy Solutions Inc. aims to promote sustainable energy in the greenhouse cultivation sector in North America.

We embrace innovation and have regularly proven that practical solutions can go perfectly hand in hand with cost-savings, sustainability and reliability. That almost always involves customised solutions and a convergence of our various disciplines: Heating (also cooling and dehumidifying), Electrical Engineering (also supplemental lighting systems) and Insulation.

To achieve result-focussed solutions we don’t just immerse ourselves in our own domain, we also place a great deal of value on understanding our customer.  It is after all the customer and their process we are focusing on. Our solutions are part of a larger entity and therefore have to fit seamlessly and reliably within that. This is a challenge that we face with all projects, both large and small, from the initial design phase up to and including installation and maintenance. We like to fulfill the role of an involved partner that ensures you no longer have any climate concerns, and does so in a sustainable way - a benefit to you and the entire environment from day one.

JV Energy is always improving their products and procedures. We have experienced employees and subcontractors that do the actual building with sufficient capacity of people and materials.  This allows us to complete large projects at a quick pace without cutting corners as far as quality and finishing of the greenhouse are concerned.  And all of this for a competitive price.

So whether it is a 1,500-m2 greenhouse or a 20-hectare project, JV Energy Solutions can rapidly install a solid, tailor-made greenhouse heating system while taking care that it is completed down to the very last detail.

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At Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek we like to deliver a quality service. That starts right at the beginning, with a no-obligation preliminary meeting, during which we list your requirements and expectations and introduce ourselves in more detail. You then know the firm you are dealing with. Voshol stands for honest, tangible solutions and genuine service. And that includes after-sales attention such as maintenance and dealing immediately with complaints or problems. And it goes without saying that in all of this we take your planning and operational processes into account as much as possible. We therefore agree in advance when you want us on site but in urgent situations our emergency service is of course ready to respond 24/7.

Our service provision and customer focus is also expressed in our proactive approach and desire to think along with our customers. We are familiar with the latest developments and we like to examine to what extent these can be of significance to our customers. By providing no-obligation requested and unsolicited advice we draw attention to possibilities that can contribute towards achieving improved results, but only after we have convinced ourselves of the added value. We like to partner with our customers for the long term. That too represents sustainability.

To deliver the best product possible, we only use quality materials and only work with well trained people. Were also posses the VCA and Sterkin certificate, ensuring you are working with the best.

All our installations and processes conform to the Dutch Metal Union conditions, which you can find here.


If you have any questions or comments please let us know. Please complete and submit the form provided below and you will get a reply from us as soon as possible


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Because every project requires a great amount of knowledge in different areas, Voshol has specialised in 4 disciplines: Heating, Electrical engineering, Insulation and Utilities. This ensures that we have all the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver exactly what you want.

Here every department is described more detailed, if you still have questions after reading please call or email us, we will be glad to help.