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Correct temperature control is essential for our customers. That may involve cooling and/or heating, and may or may not be combined with other forms of air-conditioning

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Cost-saving, comfort and - more sector specific - increased cultivation results are the most important reasons for insulation.

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Commercial buildings

As an all-round installation firm we can use our specialties very well for designing and installing utilities.

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Service & Maintenance

JV Energy Solutions - your reliable partner for service and maintenance.

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Project : Ontario Plants Propagation Ltd.
Residence : St. Thomas - Ontario
Country : CANADA
Surface : 33.650 m²
Breeding : Young plants

Meanwhile, the first containers are loaded, the bulk of the material is shipped from the Netherlands, the work will be performed by our Canadian subsidiary JV Energy Solutions Inc.

  • Boiler room installation
  • Hot water storage tank 1.200 m³
  • Transport lines
  • Monorail heating
  • Grow tube heating
  • Lift installation
  • Floor heating
  • CO2 installation
  • Insulation
  • Painting



recent work jv energy solutions

Projects 2020


  • Ontario Plant Propagation Phase 3, St. Thomas, Ontario
  • Twin Creeks Phase 3 & 4, Watford Ontario
  • Twin Creeks, Watford Ontario Packing Hall
  • Foliera, Beamsville Ontario, Renovation
  • Red Sun, Kingsville Ontario
  • Pure Flavor, Kingsville Ontario
  • JEM Farms, Kingsville Ontario tomatoes
  • EPS/AB Elliot, Leamington, Ontario
  • EPS/AB Undersun acres, Leamington
  • EPS/AB Cedarline, Chatham
  • Cosmic Plants cooling, Beamsville Ontario



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